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Behind a glass door you find 200 bottles of wine in the Liebherr WKb 4212

Wine cabinets in European market is fairly constant. In which country that you’re going to watch, you’ll find that everywhere with the same wine cabinets can appreciate. The advantage when you have a research does is that you with model numbers well. Imagine that you’re talking about a Liebherr WKb 4212, then that model the same everywhere. This applies to the content, energy consumption and the like. In money is hard to express since the energy prices are not the same everywhere in Europe. What stands out are the price differences in the various countries. Regardless of whether you’re talking about this model in Italy or England. We can however differ because of the different temperatures. There is an internationally operating supplier that will make a digital hygrometer and vibration reduction blocks are included. The importers in Europe try our prices as global as possible throughout the EU. This is to prevent a disruption of the market. A wine Cabinet that 1200 Euro in Poland cabinet can in France 2400 Euro. What should you do when private individual who lives in France? A closet from Poland? Look the same warranty applies everywhere, but it may take a little while before the Polish importer has passed to the French importer that there service is to be provided. When you call a ‘ service ‘ late run by a French mechanic and it is a user error, then go you fat pay. The disparity of prices ensures that in Germany the white goods suppliers fight to the death. Traditional and regional operating stores may not participate in the prices. They have against the sale prices advertised on the internet. If a manufacturer want to control it right across Europe, it would actually have to ensure that there is everywhere the same purchase as sales prices apply. When the manufacturer also sells in the us market, you can see all exciting prizes. This can be explained by the fact that there are special adjustments need to be done for the United States.

In al the major margets Cavepromotor is represented to give advice about wine cabinets. Wine lovers appriciate the knowledge of the wine experts and there feeling with the wine cabinets in general. Cavepromotor has specialized themselves in Liebherr wine cabinets. So if you want to buy a wine cabinet in the UK you go to Cavepromotor. Beside the information about the wine cabinet you receive information about humidity and vibration.

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